Early in the planning phase, while searching for the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly mechanical systems, construction techniques and materials, developer Jeffrey Roche sought the advice of experts from the ENERGY STAR Homes program. ENERGY STAR Homes is a new construction program sponsored in New England by electric and gas utility companies who have joined together as a consortium to promote the benefits of energy efficient, high performance homes. Based on an energy efficiency standard set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ENERGY STAR Homes are five-star rated and nationally recognized for greater value, lower operating costs, superior durability, comfort, and safety.

The Chestnut Hollow apartments, with their energy-efficient appliances and mechanical systems and their high-performance insulation, windows, and lighting, meet the technical standards required to be “ENERGY STAR certified.” What does that mean for you?

Lower operating costs

* ENERGY STAR Homes use 70% or less of the energy required for heating, cooling, and hot water than a home built to the national Model Energy Code (MEC). ENERGY STAR appliances are also designed to use less energy, thereby lowering the demand on our natural resources. It’s a win-win situation for the environment and your pocketbook!

Improved comfort

* The materials and construction techniques used in building ENERGY STAR Homes can significantly increase thermal, acoustic, and visual comfort.

Assured indoor air quality

* ENERGY STAR Homes provide a healthier living environment, helping to assure good indoor air quality at all times. Through controlled ventilation, the continuous supply of fresh air helps eliminate household contaminants.

Energy Star Homes wrote this letter to a consultant who worked with the bank that provided the Chestnut Hollow construction loan.

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